Facial tissue packaging machine napkin packaging equipment

200-1800 Full-auto Facial Tissue Production Line Main Parameter OverviewDesign Speed:150m/min,Stable Speed:120m/min,Normal Width:1800mm(Other specifications can be customized)Product spec: 200mm(Other specifications can be customized)Estimated daily output:  About 11.3 tons/day   (See the content for the calc

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  1. 200-1800 Full-auto Facial Tissue Production Line
    2. Main Parameter Overview
      Design Speed:150m/min,
      Stable Speed:120m/min,
      Normal Width:1800mm(Other specifications can be customized)
      Product spec: 200mm(Other specifications can be customized)
      Estimated daily output:  About 11.3 tons/day   (See the content for the calculation method)
      Applicable materials:Wood pulp paper
      Weight determination of base paper:Double layer, gram weight per layer 13.5-18g/M2; Three layers, gram weight per layer 13-15g/M2
      Note: the above yield calculation is for reference only. The specific capacity is related to the weight of base paper, the characteristics of base paper, product specifications and the specific situation of each company.

      1800-200 Full Automatic Folding Machine Main Components List
      NoName of each componentQuantityUnitRemarksPower
      11800 Part of rewind stand(with shaft)2Group2 bars of Raw paper reel3kw
      21800-200 Folding main engine1PcsIncluding embossing part, paper break, folding function, vacuum pump33kw
      31800-200 Automatic stacking1Pcs 5kw
      4Cutting machine1Pcs 6.9kw
      5soft pumping chartered airplane1Pcs 9.82kw
      6Conveyor linesomePcsThe specific consumption is shown in the layout drawing0.12kw/ Pcs
        1. Technical Parameter
        2. 1800 Part of Rewind Stand

    3. Facial Tissue Packing Machine Napkin Paper Packing Equipment
    4. 2 group/pcs(Quantity optional)
    5. NO1ItemTechnical Parameter
      1Maximum width of raw paper(mm)1800
      2Diameter of raw paper(mm)<=¢1800
      3Unwinding speed(m/min)<200
      4Diameter of raw paper roll core¢76.3mm
      5Machine structureWall panel frame type
      6Raw paper weight(t)Maximum 1 t
      7Unwinding systemBelt width 240mm
      8Align the edges of the raw paperBy manual control
      9Tension controlTouch screen control adjust tension
      10Uncoiling methodUnwind clockwise
      11Threading methodManual threading
      12Paper break detectionWith a paper break detection system, the whole machine will stop when a paper break occurs, reducing the waste of raw paper
      14Minimum air pressure requirement0.6Mpa
      15Gas consumptionAbout 1 m3 / h
      16PowerDriven by independent motor
      17Paper feeding beltFlat belt drive
      18ProtectionProtected by protective cover for main transmission parts
      20Weight(KG)About 350

        1. 200-1800 Folding Main Engine
    6. 1group/pcs
      NOItemTechnical Parameter
      1Maximum width of raw paper(mm)1800
      2Design speed(m/min)150m/min
      3Stable production speed120m/min
      4Folding methodContinuous operation, wind suction folding
      5Paper breaking methodSpiral knife fixed paper break
      6Machine structureWall panel form
      7Finish product spec200±2mm
      8Spec after folding100(0,+2)mm
      9Adding lubeManual, centralized oil supply
      10Machine jog functionWith jog function
      11Threading methodManual threading
      12S-shaped paper feeding deviceBefore the paper breaks, the S-shaped pulling roller is adopted, and the tension can be adjusted by the tapered pulley;
      13Embossing deviceA total of 16 sets of embossing assemblies (the number of embossing assemblies is optional)
      14Vacuum power22KW_fan
      16Minimum air pressure requirement0.6Mpa
      17PowerDriven by independent motor
      18ProtectionProtected by protective cover for main transmission parts
      19Weight(KG)About 3500

        1. 200-1800 Automatic Stacking
    7. 1 group/pcs
      NOItemTechnical parameter
      1Automatic stacking systemIndependent control by servo motor to realize automatic stacking function
      2Location trackingUsing high-precision servo encoder
      3Quantity of drawing settingSet the number of stacks through the touch screen, which can be 100% accurate counting (set the base to an even number)
      4Quantity of drawing setting range80-250 pumping/height: 35-140mm
      5Number of stacks (maximum)12 stacks
      6Control modeWhen the shutdown is normal, a process should be completed before the shutdown
      7Minimum air pressureAt least 0.6Mpa
      8PowerDriven by independent servo motor
      9ProtectionProtected by protective cover for main transmission parts
      10Weight(KG)About 2500
        1.  1800 Paper Setting System
    8. 1 group/pcs
      NOItemTechnical parameter
      1FunctionShape the semi-finished product to make it suitable for packaging
      2ConveyorUse anti-static belt
      3Transfer methodIndependent inverter control
      4Pressure methodAir pressure is used to ensure the stability of the product height.
      5Photoelectric detection systemThe conveyor rack is installed with photoelectric detection to ensure no collision between the semi-finished products
      6Power0.75 KW
      7Minimum air pressureAt least 0.6Mpa
      8PowerDriven by independent motor
      9ProtectionProtected by protective cover for main transmission parts
      10Weight(KG)About 1000
        1. Capacity calculation (example of calculation method)
    9. Take paper as an example: paper basis weight 14gsm, 4 layers, width 1800mm, efficiency coefficient 65%, production time 4h, production speed 120m/min, number of machines: 1 set;
    10. Daily output:
    11. 120 (m/min) X1.8 (m) X1 (g/M2) X (floor) X24 (hour) X60 (minute) X1 (unit) X0.65÷1000000
    12. =11.3 (tons)
    13. Note: The above capacity calculation is for reference only. The specific production capacity is related to the base paper weight, base paper characteristics, product specifications and the specific conditions of each company.
    14. Log Saw Cutter( 2 Lanes)

      Facial Tissue Packing Machine Napkin Paper Packing Equipment

      Technical Requirement

      NOItemTechnical parameter
      1Feed length≤1800mm
      2Maximum tissue cut size(w×h×l)105×110×250
      3Minimum tissue cut size(w×h×l)60×50×85
      4Design speed200 cuts / min
      5Production speed180 t / min, depending on the length
      6Head and tail velocity1 second (optional), not included in standard configuration
      7Transmission modeUse servo motor system to drive the positioning and conveying of conveyor belt
      8Paper cutting methodThe movement of rotary rotary rotary knife and continuous controlled soft paper drawing
      9Cutter diameter¢610mm
      10Sharpening methodThe cylinder propulsion wheel contacts the circular knife to realize the passive grinding tool. The grinding parameters can be adjusted and controlled by touch screen
      11Grinding feedIt can grind the round cutter automatically and feed the grinding wheel automatically. The parameters can be adjusted through the touch screen
      12Cutter head height compensationThe handwheel is used for adjustment to realize height compensation;
      13Length adjustment of tissue paperThrough the panel control, the control accuracy is ± 1 mm
      14Perpendicularity tolerance of cut section±1mm
      15Tissue paper holding deviceInstall pressure band on the top of tissue paper to reduce the length error of tissue paper
      16Appearance of finished productThe paper surface is dirty and damaged without machine reasons, and the cut section of tissue paper is neat after cutting
      17MotivationCutter rotation motor, 2.2kW, planetary large rotary motor 2.2kW, 1:5, towel paper conveying servo motor 2kW, paper output motor 0.18kw, total power 6.9kw
      18Minimum air pressure requirement0.6Mpa
      19Gas consumption500L / shift
      20Dynamic load factor1.1
      21powerDriven by independent motor
      22Tissue inputServo control, synchronous belt drive
      23Cutter rotationSynchronous belt drive
      24Knife arm rotateSynchronous belt drive
      25 facial tissue outputSynchronous belt drive
      26protectThe main transmission parts are protected by protective cover
      27peripherySafety door lock protection and overload protection


      Three-dimensional  Packing Machine

      1. Facial Tissue Packing Machine Napkin Paper Packing Equipment
      2. Machine Configuration:
    15. NOnamequantityunitnotes
      2Membrane cutting system1Pcs 
      3Film unwinding system1Pcs 
      4Membrane tension system1Pcs 
      6Control system1Pcs 
      7Packaging system1Pcs 
      8Ironing system1Pcs 
      1. Technical Parameters
    16. NOItemTechnical parameter
      1Applicable range of packaged goodsFilm packaging decimation, facial tissue ,Paper towels ,napkin
      2Material management
      and supply mode
      ASF automatic intelligent material management and supply
      3Design production speed≤ 100 package / min
      4Stable production speed80 package / min
      5Packaging formThree dimensional wrapping, both ends ironing
      6Time to change the packaging film≤2 min
      7Suitable range of tissue length120mm-200mm
      8Paper towel height range40mm-100mm
      9Applicable range of tissue width95mm-105mm
      10Special parts for specification conversion3 pair
      11Equipment sizeL 5370 mm W 3630 mm H 1850 mm
      12Equipment weight  2500   KG
      13Maximum diameter of roll film450mm
      14Core diameter of roll film 75mm
      15Maximum film width340mm
      16Packaging film material0.035-0.05mm CPP Double sided heat sealing film,
      OPP/CPP Bilayer composite membrane
      17compressed airAir source pressure≥ 5MPA
      18Power supply 380V/50HZ
      19Total power9.82  KW
      20Adapt to voltage change+/-10%
      23Device motion control modeFour axis servo axis positioning control
      24Main drive mode of equipment20CrMnTi Mechanical cam + electronic cam drive
      25Equipment color and processInternational gray and electrostatic spraying baking technology

      Medium Bag Packing Machine
      Facial Tissue Packing Machine Napkin Paper Packing Equipment
      NOItemTechnical parameter
      1Applicable range of packaged goodsFilm packaging extraction type facial tissue,Paper towels,napkin
      2packing size(mm)(100-230)*(100-150)*(40-100)
      3Packing speed (medium bag / min)≤45
      4packing method1-2 Row,3-5 per row
      5main engine overall dimension (mm)6300*2550*2300
      6Machine weight (kg)5000
      7Compressed air (MPA)0.6MPA
      8Power Supply380V 50HZ
      9Total power (kw)12.5
      10Types of packaging filmPE Conjunctival membrane

      External Condition Requirements

      Installation requirements

      1. Requirements for the machine placement site: There must be a 150mm thick concrete layer on the workshop floor to ensure adequate support for the expansion screws; if the machine is placed on the second floor or above, the floor must have sufficient bearing capacity, and the floor must consider the weight of the machine and dynamic load factor.
      2. Ensure that the flatness deviation of the machine placement site is not more than 10mm/M2, otherwise it is necessary to add a foot pad, which is prepared by the customer in advance.
      3. Level adjustment and centering. The level and alignment must be adjusted when installing the machine to ensure that the deviation is within +/-2mm.
      4. Tighten all connecting screws.
    17. Gas source requirements

      a. . The compressed air after purification and drying must be used, and the filtration accuracy
           is less than 40um.
      b. When compressed air is lubricated, the amount of oil mist cannot exceed 25mg/m³.
      c. When the system is running normally, the oil mist volume is set at 0.2-1 drop or 0.5-5
      d. Minimum air pressure requirement: 0.6Map.
      e. Minimum flow rate: 2m³/h.
      f. Gas circuit connection: Connect the gas circuit correctly according to the gas circuit
         diagram. Please refer to the attached drawing for the specific connection method.
      g. Main air pipe: ¢8, please refer to the attached drawing for specific air intake position.
          h. Air supply oil: Please use turbine oil No. 1 without additives (ISO-VG32), and do not use    
          engine oil, spindle oil, etc.

      Power requirements

      Power requirements:
    18. Voltage requirements: 380V+/-10%.
    19. Frequency requirement: 50Hz.
    20. Current requirement: 250A.
    21. d.    Please refer to the attached drawings for the specific power installation location.

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