Tp-H150 Handkerchief Paper Processing Machine

Technical Specification1. Handkerchief FormatA. Single handkerchief unfold size: Square: 200mm± 2 mm 210mm± 2 mmB. Single handkerchief Fold size: Mini: 72 mm± 0.5 mm× 53.5 mm± 0.5 mm (L*W)Standard: 105mm± 0.5 mm× 53.5 mm± 0.5 mm (L*W)C. Side embossing is symmetrical and toler

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Tp-H150 Handkerchief Paper Converting MachineTechnical Specification
1. Handkerchief Format
A. Single handkerchief unfold size: Square: 200mm± 2 mm 210mm± 2 mm
B. Single handkerchief Fold size: Mini: 72 mm± 0.5 mm× 53.5 mm± 0.5 mm (L*W)
Standard: 105mm± 0.5 mm× 53.5 mm± 0.5 mm (L*W)
C. Side embossing is symmetrical and tolerance is 5 mm
2. Machine Size: 1610*2000*2000. Mm (L*W*H)
3. Electric power: 30.5KW
4. Bundling Unite Specification
A. Packing speed: Design speed≤ 25/, Product speed: ≤ 20/;
B. Packing size: Length: 75mm-105mm;
Thickness: 24± 2mm; Width: 50mm± 2mm;
Bundling style: : 2X3; 2X4; 2X5; 2X6;
3X3; 3X4; 3X5; 3X6.
C. Power: Supply: 380V± 38V, 50Hz± 1Hz
D. Total power: 2.5Kw
E. Main machine power: 0.25Kw
F. Main air pressure: 0.6Mpa
G. Bundling unite size and weight: 2300X1250X1450mm (L*W*H), 1000kg

5. Material requirements
A. Parent paper roll: Diameter≤ φ 1600mm, width 420mm, core diameter φ 76mm
GS 13.5~15.5G/M2(triple), 16~18G/M2(double);
B. Film: PE with thickness 0.045 mm, width 115mm, diameter ≤ φ 460 mm, core diameter φ 76mm, dark color mark (except green), size 4× 12mm, equal distance (single film length)168± 2mm;
C. Label: Width: 25± 5mm, equal distance ≥ 2 mm, color should be clear different with color mark.
6. Other requirements
A. Main power supply: 380V± 38V, 50Hz± 1Hz; 24 VDC;
B. Compressed air: Pressure≥ 0.6 Mpa, flow rate≥ 48m3/h;
C. Nagtive pressure: Pressure≥ 0.06 Mpa, flow rate≥ 480m3/h(roots vacuum pum, no need water).
Product guarantee speed 120 packs/min
Qualification rate≥ 97 %
effective productivity≥ 85 %
Handkerchief quality1.  Use surface is positive,few and short fold;
2.  Cutting side is smooth, no black and burr;
3.  Regular fold, derangement is≤2 mm,no inner fold and backslash;
4.  Handkerchief format tolerance is ±3 mm;
5.  Side embossing is symmetricaland clear, no delaminating.
Packing result1.  Handkerchief tissue inside is neat and the tightness is the same. The surface is smooth, square and symmetrical ;
2.       The sealing is firm and no hole. Tip triple is symmetrical and good look. Open part is no broken hole or stick with tissue. Film cann't discolorate, no pollution tissue.
3.       Virtul line is in the middle, tolerance is ±2 mm,easy to open.
4.       Label position is in the middle of virtul line,left-to-right tolerance is ±2 mmand up -to-down tolerance is ± 1mm. Stick is firm, no inner fold and backslash.
Wastage of parent paper roll, label and film
Control systemCompletely self-contained, run stably

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